Hamam is a print-only bathing magazine. 

We started publishing Hamam Magazine in 2020 for readers to have a good soak and let go. Each issue features essays, artist projects, photography, and interviews with unconventional spirits all over the world.  

The magazine has received these awards:

And magCulture had this to say about us:

"Hamam is so appealing because, at its (steamy) core, this is a magazine about something all of us grapple with—how to live. It explores the common idea of, and desire to cleanse ourselves—physically in water, spiritually, and mentally." 


You can read our manifesto, A Declaration of Letting Go, here.


FORMAT: 112 pages, 22 x 28 cm

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Ekin Balcıoğlu

DESIGN: Okay Karadayılar

PRINTING: Printed at Ofset Yapimevi in Istanbul, Turkey

SALES: email sales@hamammag.com